Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pantano's Steel Challenge Fundraiser

Ilario Pantano, the Republican nominee for Congress from the 7th District of North Carolina is not your usual candidate. First off, he is a New York City boy running for Congress in eastern North Carolina. Second, he left Wall Street to re-enlist in the Marines after 9/11 and ended up leading a platoon of Marines in Fallujah. And third, he has some innovative ways to both fund raise and show his support for the Second Amendment.

This Saturday Pantano is sponsoring a Steel Challenge shooting match as a fundraiser for his campaign. And he is betting he can shoot better than his challengers.

WANTED: Patriots to help Pantano protect the Second Amendment and fire Pelosi and the Liberal Congress!

Come see if you have what it takes to out-shoot Pantano, your candidate for the U.S. Congress. Pantano needs your help to fix Washington, so come on out to the social fundraiser for an afternoon of fun, food, and guns!

Join us on Oct 24

WHO: Any patriot who thinks they can outshoot their next Congressman

WHAT: A fundraiser pistol match, $25 per entry. Bring your own guns/ammo.

WHEN: Sunday, October 24, registration begins at 11 AM. Match starts at noon.

WHERE: Ant Hill Range, Off Hwy 211 (Green Swamp Rd) near Southport, NC, in Brunswick County. Visit

CONTACT: Joe Moran, 910-520-5982,

REWARD! Your $25 entry fee is refunded if you can outshoot your next Congressman!

Lots of details on the steel challenge format are below the fold. And please print out the attached flier to hand out and invite folks!
This isn't the first time that Pantano has held a Steel Challenge to raise money for his campaign. He did it back in the primary as well. According to the rangemaster at Ant Hill Range, Pantano is a pretty fair shot:
Was Pantano a good shot?

“Yeah, he was,” Moran said. “I beat him on the last match by about a half a second, but he beat everybody else there.”
Imagine that - a politician who when it comes to shooting does more than just shoot off his mouth.

Pantano is running against Blue Dog Democrat Mike McIntyre and he has made it a very competitive race. He has raised twice as much money as McIntyre in the last quarter and stands a good chance of beating him in this traditionally Democratic district.

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