Friday, October 15, 2010

A Challenge and A Request

There are a lot of good pro-gun candidates around the country that need our help. I plan on sending contributions to a handful of them early next week. I'd like to ask the readers of this blog to make suggestions on who should get those contributions.

Here are my requirements:

  • Pro-gun
  • In a winnable race
  • Conservative to libertarian in outlook
  • If a Democrat, the Republican has to be really, really anti-gun
  • Preference is given to challengers over incumbants
  • Running for US House, US Senate, or Governor
  • Outside of North Carolina as I am already supporting politicians here
The only other thing I ask is that you say why I should give them money. In other words, do more than just suggest a name. You can either post the name and supporting info in the comments section or send me an emal at

1 comment:

  1. Cory Gardner, Colorado District 4. He is the Republican challenger, Betsy Markey is the incumbent. Gardner is 100% pro-gun, has a great chance of winning, a true conservative, and yet the NRA is supporting Markey -- who voted for Health Care, among other progressive policies.