Thursday, November 11, 2010

At the Eleventh Hour

Lest I forget to say it, thank you to all of our veterans, living and dead. Without you, we would not have the freedom we have today.

The Deceased

My father, 1SGT Paul Richardson, was an Army veteran of both WWII and Vietnam who was originally drafted in October 1940.

My Uncle John Sheridan was a WWII Navy vet who enlisted on December 8, 1941 and served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bennington towards the end of the war.

My late wife's father, Ray Lipe, was a WWI Navy vet. No, I didn't forget the extra "I" - Ray really was a WWI vet. When the Selective Service called his mother to ask why he didn't answer his Army draft notice, they were told that he was at boot camp at Naval Station Great Lakes. He tried to get the Navy to allow him to serve again during WWII but was told he was too old.

The Complementary Spouse's father, Clarence, was a Korean War vet who served in the USAF's Air Weather Service and was stationed in Japan providing weather briefings to pilots heading into North Korea. He served in the Air Force Reserve later in the 50's and left as a Major.

The Living

My best friend's son, Capt. John Rodriguez, is now serving with the 3rd Infantry, the Old Guard. Prior to that he spent a year in Afghanistan in the Korengal Valley with Viper Company, 1-26 Infantry, 3IBCT, 1st Infantry Division.

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