Wednesday, November 17, 2010

C. K. Shivers - The Gun

Former Marine infantry officer and foreign correspondent for the New York Times C. K. Chivers recently published a book called The Gun. It is a look at the history, development, design, and role of the AK-47 in conflicts around the globe. The video below is a brief overview of the book as told by Chivers himself. One point made about the book is that it will not appeal to the hardcore AK fanatic. As the Kitup Blog says about it:
Chivers forced me to retract my statement during the lead in to the show that he was a “sort of gun expert.” He admits that he’s done a lot of reporting on guns, talked to a lot of fighters who use them and researched the history of firearms, but it’s not like Col. Doug Tamilio at PEO Soldier Weapons is ringing his phone off the hook with a job offer.

If you’re into the caliber debate, want to relive the ill-fated rush to field the M-16, are a student of the civil war, World War II and the Cold War, like the M-14 better than the AK-47, like the AK-47 better than the M-14, are a student of the inner workings of Soviet economic planning and international revolutions or are intrigued by how something as simple as a rifle gets from paper to palm, The Gun has something in it for you.

Christian at the Kitup Blog did a longer interview with Chivers. It runs about 30 minutes and can be found in the embedded player below.

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