Sunday, November 7, 2010

NRA-ILA's Assessment of Mid-Term Elections

In an email sent out today by the NRA-ILA, they had this assessment of the mid-term elections with regards to gun rights:
U.S. Senate

* 19 of NRA-PVF's 25 endorsed U.S. Senate candidates won. This marks a pro-gun upgrade of eight Senate seats.
* In the 111th Congress, there were 43 A-rated and 34 F-rated Senators. The 112th Congress will contain 50 A-rated (+7) and 33 F-rated Senators (-1).
* There will be 12 pro-gun Senate freshmen.

U.S. House

* Of the 262 candidates endorsed by the NRA-PVF for the U.S. House, 225 were victorious, for an 85% winning percentage. In every case but one where an NRA-PVF endorsed candidate lost, a pro-gun challenger replaced him.
* In the 111th Congress, there were 226 A-rated and 151 F-rated Representatives. The 112th Congress will contain 258 A-rated (+32) and 133 F-rated (-18) Members.
* There were pro-gun election upgrades in 27 House districts.

Note: As of today, 9 races remain too close to call.

Gubernatorial & State Legislatures

* Of the 21 gubernatorial candidates endorsed by the NRA-PVF, 15 were victorious. (Note: Two races remain too close to call.)
* We made major gains in state legislative races, which will position us well in the upcoming legislative sessions next year.
If one uses the NRA endorsements and grades as the measure, it certainly does appear that there is a majority of A-rated members of Congress in both houses.

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