Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Polls Are Open - Go VOTE

The polls have already opened in both the Eastern and Central time zones by now. If you did not vote by either absentee ballot or early voting, then go vote!

One comment I heard on voting the other day struck me as needing a response. The person said they only voted in Presidential elections as they were the important elections. All elections are important and all elected people will have some impact on your life. In my county we elect some mostly administrative positions including the Register of Deeds and the Tax Collector. How those people administer their office will have as much impact on you as many decisions made in Congress or the state house or the White House.

I am passionate about voting. I registered to vote back in the days before we had the Motor Voter laws or the people from ACORN going door to door registering people to vote even if their name was Mickey Mouse.

On my 18th birthday, I marched myself down to the Guilford County Courthouse and registered to vote. I haven't missed an election, primary, or even a run-off primary in the 35 years since then. I don't expect everybody to be as passionate about it. But this is a general election and it has the potential to be one of the most significant in my lifetime.

We can't take our country back nor assure our civil rights unless we vote. I can't stress that enough. The work that Alan Gura and the Second Amendment Foundation are doing in the courts is mightily important. However, I think they would agree that their job would be easier and our rights more secure if we had sympathetic legislators passing good laws and that won't come unless you and I vote. I did my part two weeks ago in North Carolina's early voting so now it is up to you.


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