Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Traver on the AK-47

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

According to The Truth About Guns blog, this video of Andrew Traver and a reporter shooting an AK-47 which has been circulating on the Internet disappeared for a while. It is back up and worth watching again.

If there were firearms experts on that range, then why was the reporter from NBC Chicago allowed to handle it in such an unsafe manner? Did they purposely have the reporter shoot from the hip in an effort to make a propaganda point?

If a ten year old child soldier in some banana republic in Africa can effectively handle an AK-47, why can't the reporter? Am I supposed to believe that some warlord would provide better firearms training than the ATF?

I'm sure this video played well on the Chicago Gold Coast but to anyone with any experience with firearms the conscious and deliberate display of unsafe gun handling in an attempt to score political points is an abomination.


  1. The guy at the end of the video has good control of that impossible to control rifle. It's crazy how they can't argue without lies.

    Oh, if only there were a law to stop people from using a fake identity to purchase guns.

  2. If only there were a law to prevent people from killing other people...oh wait....

    And this is the guy who is going to be the new head of the BATF (and E!). Super.

  3. I was just informed (via IRC by Phssthpok) that in the original video "he misidentified the shiny chrome AK47 as an SKS."

    He suspect the video was taken down "so they could work some 'ILM' voodoo on the clip"

  4. John I picked up your ball and ran with it.


  5. Great, another moronic report that has little to no fact behind it... as for the "reporter" firing that AK... what a fail! I've shot AK's, AR's, SKS, etc... the only weapon that I've ever had issues controlling was a .50BMG! If you have a clue how to SHOULDER the weapon and fire it as intended it is highly accurate!