Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second Amendment Foundation Membership Specials (updated)

The Second Amendment Foundation is giving you an incentive to join - as if the great work that they and Alan Gura are doing in the courts isn't enough.

All new memberships or renewals at the basic $15 level will also come with a copy of Suzanna Gratia Hupp's book From Lubys to the Legislature. The book is $15.61 on Amazon so that is like a free membership with the book.

Those who donate $25 will be sent a 2008-2010 set of the Journal on Firearms & Public Policy.

Finally, if you become a Life Member, which is only $150, they will send you everything above AND all six of the DVD's in their Personal Firearm Defense DVD series. If you are already a Life Member, then a donation of $75 will get you the DVD's.

These specials end at midnight on November 14th. I presume that is Pacific Standard Time.

You can either call SAF at (425) 454-7012 or just go to the link here.

Remember that the Second Amendment Foundation is a 503(c)(3) non-profit and donations to them can be tax deductible. As we always say in my business, talk to your tax professional about the deductibility of your donation.

While I had donated to SAF earlier this year as a thank you for their hard work on the McDonald case, I never got around to joining. And that was even after going to their great Gun Rights Policy Conference in San Francisco. Well, I recognize a great deal when I see it so I just sent in my donation for a Life Membership - or, as it is more properly called, the Defender's Club.

UPATE: The Second Amendment Foundation asked that I mention that they reserve the right to substitute items of a like value if they run out. They say they have gotten a great response to this promotion and they don't want donors to be surprised or disappointed.

Also, if you are taking advantage of their offers, please make sure to tell the SAF which promo you want in the comments sections of either method of paying.

Remember, this ends at midnight TONIGHT Pacific Time. If you are going to take advantage of these offers, do it now.

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