Sunday, March 27, 2011

Always Hard To Prove Causation

Juliet Leftwich is the Executive Director of Legal Community Against Violence or LCAV. LCAV is a San Francisco-based group that promotes gun control and which has received over $2.3 million from the Joyce Foundation. One of their bigger initiatives is their promotion of their Model Laws to state and local governments. This is especially true in California where they have been particularly active and many communities have adopted their Model Laws.

In the video clip below, Leftwich is being interviewed by Omar Samaha. He is with MAIG's National Initiative to Fix Gun Checks. Samaha's sister was one of the victims of the shootings at Virginia Tech. Samaha is something of a media darling like Colin Goddard and has done "undercover buys" for ABC's 20/20.

Samaha asks Leftwich if she has seen a change in "gun violence" since California has adopted its restrictive gun control laws. Leftwich responds that "unfortunately there is not a lot of great data out there." However, she does try to put a good spin on it saying that the rate of "gun violence" in California has gone down more than in the rest of the country. And then she makes this admission, "But it is always hard to prove causation because gun laws are a very complicated issue."

To recap, she says there is not good data, there are only a few studies, and that causation is hard to prove from the studies that do exist. This is a bit of a startling admission from a leading gun control advocate.

H/T J.D. Berger

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