Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Important News From Japan

With all the bad news about nuclear meltdown or potential meltdowns in Japan post-earthquake and and post-tsunami, comes some heartening news. The Japanese whisky industry seems to be OK.
Latest update from David Croll at Whisky Magazine Japan on the status of Japanese distilleries after the earthquakes...

Suntory: (15.3.2011)

Yamazaki Distillery

Hakushu Distillery

Awaiting response from PR department.

Nikka: (15.3.2011)

Due to ongoing transport problems and power cuts, Nikka have not yet been able to carry out a comprehensive assessment at the Miyagikyo Distillery. Initial reports suggest that there has been no major damage however and they have confirmed that distillery staff and their families are unharmed.

The Yoichi Distillery has been unaffected.

Venture Whisky: (15.3.2011)

Ichiro Akuto says

“The Chichibu Distillery staff and their families are all okay. There has been no damage at the distillery to either cask stocks or distilling equipment and just some minor damage to bottled stock. We appreciate the concern from overseas.”
Mercian: (16.3.2011)

Karuizawa Distillery

The Karuizawa Distillery was not damaged by the earthquake and the site has been operating (not distilling) since March 14th.

Kirin: (15.3.2011)

Fuji-Gotemba Distillery

Awaiting response from PR department.

Hombo Shuzo (16.3.2011)

Mars Distillery.

There have been many aftershocks in the Nagano area but so far the distillery, located in the Shinshu area, and the staff and their families, are all okay. After a break of 20 years, they are planning to produce whisky continuously from March 15th through to April 20th. They are grateful for everybody’s concern and interest.
The above comes courtesy of Mark Gillespie and WhiskyCast. While I've never tasted Japanese whisky, it is reputed to be very good and in the Scottish single malt style.

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