Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Concealed Carry In NC Restaurants And Parks Final Vote Tomorrow

House Bill 111 which would allow concealed carry in eating establishments and restaurants that serve alcohol has passed the Second Reading in the North Carolina State House. The bill would also allow concealed carry in state and local parks.

From WRAL's Twitter feed:
@NCCapitol #ncgaHouse passes H111, concealed guns in parks and restaurants, 77-41. 3rd reading objected to. Final vote tomorrow.

As soon as the final draft bill is posted along with the roll call vote, I'll post it. I don't know yet whether the Ross Amendment was deleted or not.

UPDATE: There were three amendments proposed today to HB 111. The first amendment to the bill by Rep. Leo Daughtry (R-Johnston) stripped out the Ross Amendment which would have allowed servers in a restaurant that was not posted against concealed carry to ask a person who ordered alcohol if he or she were carrying. This passed on a vote of 72 - 46 with only one Republican voting no.

The second amendment proposed by Rep. David Guice (R - Transylvania) allows local governments to post recreational facilities in parks to forbid concealed carry. However, it strictly defined recreational facilities as being only playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools, and athletic facilities. It did contain a provision that would allow a concealed carry holder to lock his weapon in his car if the recreational facility was posted. This provision passed 70 - 48. While the majority of Republicans voted against this amendment, enough Republicans joined with virtually all of the Democrats to pass this amendment.

The third, and final, amendment was proposed by Rep. Bill Faison (D-Orange). This amendment failed in a 44 - 74 vote. It would have only allowed concealed carry in North Carolina State Parks which permitted overnight camping. There are only 16 out of the 34 state parks that allow overnight camping.

On the Second Reading, the amended HB 111 passed by a vote of 77 - 41. The Third Reading, which is mainly a formality, will be tomorrow because there was an objection to the vote today.

The final roll call was as follows:


Representative(s): Alexander, K.; Brandon; Brisson; Crawford; Hill; Lucas; McGuirt; McLawhorn; Owens; Spear; Wray


Representative(s): Avila; Barnhart; Blackwell; Blust; Boles; Bradley; Brawley; Brown, L.; Brown, R.; Brubaker; Burr; Cleveland; Collins; Cook; Current; Daughtry; Dixon; Dockham; Dollar; Faircloth; Folwell; Frye; Gillespie; Guice; Hager; Hastings; Hilton; Hollo; Holloway; Horn; Howard; Hurley; Iler; Ingle; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Justice; Killian; Langdon; LaRoque; Lewis; McComas; McCormick; McElraft; McGee; McGrady; Mills; Moffitt; Moore, T.; Pridgen; Randleman; Rhyne; Sager; Samuelson; Sanderson; Setzer; Shepard; Stam; Starnes; Steen; Stevens; Stone; Torbett; Warren, H.; West



Representative(s): Adams; Alexander, M.; Bell; Bordsen; Bryant; Carney; Cotham; Earle; Faison; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Floyd; Gill; Glazier; Goodman; Graham; Hackney; Haire; Hall; Hamilton; Harrison; Insko; Jackson; Jeffus; Keever; Luebke; Martin; Michaux; Mobley; Moore, R.; Parfitt; Parmon; Pierce; Rapp; Ross; Tolson; Wainwright; Warren, E.; Weiss; Wilkins; Womble



Not Voting - Speaker Thom Tillis and Rep. Tom Murry (R-Wake)

UPDATE II: HB 111 is on the House legislative calendar for its Third Reading this afternoon. The House reconvenes at 2pm. It is listed as a "non-roll call" vote.

Grass Roots North Carolina sent out a message last night warning that opponents of the bill might try to add more amendments. While they are pleased that the Ross Amendment was removed from the bill, they are unhappy with the amendment that would allows municipalities to restrict firearms in recreational facilities.

The Raleigh News and Observer, in their Under the Dome column, quotes a couple of the Republicans who supported that amendment.
Several Republican members who support the bill said they were concerned, though, about people taking guns into parks where organized youth sports are held. Parents can get pretty hot-headed, they said.

Those GOP members, some with longtime experience with youth sports and others from law enforcement backgrounds, succeeded in attaching an amendment that would allow county governments to prohibit concealed weapons in recreational facilities. The amendment also would allow people to leave their guns locked in their cars in those situations.

"I've seen firsthand the violence on the Little League field," said Rep. David Guice, a Republican from Brevard, who added that he has a concealed-carry permit. Guice said a mayor of Brevard was once banned from a city park because he assaulted an umpire.


  1. My State Rep called me (Setzer) and let me know that it passed today. He said Ross almost had to be restrained she was so pissed. A wonderful sight indeed!

  2. Well looks like you gained places that serve booze but lost playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools, and athletic facilities.

    So you can stand just on the outside of the playground and supervise your child while playing, but don't you dare step 1 foot farther and onto the playground. Makes perfect sense.

  3. Okay, let's give citizen responsible the right to carry, in (non-posted) food & bar establishments but, a big but here, have some lone nutjob blast away innocents at public sporting events. But wait! They will refrain until the playing field (no pun intended) is fair while the CWP parent leaves the event to run to their car, break the law and return to defend said innocents. Sure, criminals only kill when its a fair fight. Morons...