Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ATF "Gunwalking" Since 2008?

Sharyl Attkisson deserves an Emmy for the reporting that she has done on Operation Fast and Furious aka Operation Gunwalker.

In a report yesterday, she found that ATF has allowed guns to "walk" to Mexico since 2008. This time it was from the Tucson area and involved an estimated 450 firearms. It appears that the firearms dealers involved had serious concerns about the sales, reported them to ATF, and then were made paid confidential informants. The FFL's then were encouraged to sell even more to the suspect buyers.

The ATF Special Agent in Charge of the area was William Newell. Mr. Newell is the recently appointed ATF attache in the US Embassy in Mexico City. CleanUpATF is reporting a rumor that the Mexican government will declare Mr. Newell a persona non grata and force his exit from Mexico.

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