Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fishing In Washington State

The Washington State Police are on a fishing expedition. Given that it is Washington State you might think it would be for some of the wonderful salmon that runs up their rivers and is off their coast. That would be incorrect.

Actually, they have sent a letter to every FFL in the State of Washington asking for records and documents dealing with all AR-15's and AR-15 lowers sold or purchased between July 1, 2010 and now. As you might imagine, this has caused an uproar.

The NRA-ILA has posted an alert on this fishing expedition and has sent a letter to the Washington State Police (see letter at bottom). It alerts dealers that they are under no legal obligation to provide this information.

Dave Workman, editor of Gun Week and a Washington resident, discusses the issue with Cam Edwards on Cam and Company.

National Rifle Association of America Washington State Police Inquiry

UPDATE: The NRA has issued an update on this issue after talks with the Washington State Police.

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