Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brady Campaign Shills For Eric Holder

In the latest missive from the Brady Campaign, their new president Dan Gross shows his true colors. It is obvious that he cares more about protecting Attorney General Eric Holder than in discovering the truth about Operation Fast and Furious. As I said yesterday, to these people a few dead Mexicans (or even hundreds) are worth it if they can get more gun control out of the operation.
“A strong whiff of hypocrisy rises from the letter sent today to Attorney General Holder by the House leadership. Speaker Boehner and his colleagues pretend to be concerned about the harm operation Fast & Furious has done to our relationship to Mexico, but they cannot explain why the House of Representatives, under their leadership, has done nothing to respond to the Mexican government’s desperate pleas for the Congress to strengthen American gun laws to stop gun trafficking from American gun shops to the Mexican drug cartels.

The House Republican leadership decries the failure of U.S. authorities to prevent illegal guns from crossing the border, yet the House recently voted to block an Obama Administration effort to give the authorities a vital (sic) additional tool to fight trafficking of assault rifles to Mexico.

Speaker Boehner pretends concern for gun violence victims, but on the recent fifth anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre, he could not find the time to meet with a group of victims, despite finding time, some weeks before, to travel to Florida to meet with the leaders of the gun industry.
Earth to Dan - the bulk of the guns that the narco-terrorists are getting are not from Ranger Bob's Gun and Bait Shop in Laredo, Texas but from either deserters from the Mexican Army or are being smuggled across Mexico's southern border. As to the ATF requiring the reporting of multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles, that is hardly a "vital" tool and is of dubious legality to boot.

The only hypocrisy that I see here is from the Brady Campaign who are showing themselves to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Obama Administration. I guess sending out missives like this is what it takes to get gun control under the radar.


  1. I'm convinced they are ALL hypocrits... sigh

  2. Brady is winning this round. The Republican letter to Holder was a cop-out. Anyone working in Washington in political circles recognizes it for what it is: fluff words for the masses with zero effect. It has zero meaning. Holder read it with a smile on this face.

    Imagine the Attorney General of the United States of America (any of them, ever) getting scared over a...'sternly worded letter'. Yeah, it doesn't happen.

    This was the Republican "Jack Handy" moment.