Monday, May 7, 2012

Quote Of The Day

The Serious Gun Blog had a not so serious look at the choices gun owners face in this presidential election.

When all is said and done, and more will be said than done, a President will be elected. Either Mr. Obama, who hates guns unless they are used against bad guys like free citizens or Mitt Romney, who as a passionate supporter of the NRA cites as his favorite gun the Ruger 11 mm Glock by Smith & Bushmaster will be elected.

What does it mean for gun owners? Buy more guns now.

And ammo. They forgot ammo!

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  1. I doubt they need to mention ammo, but it's worth pointing out that except for "cop killer bullets!!!" which resulted in a ban of many/most? types of true AP ammo all the successful bans have been on guns themselves. A few states excepted, and I don't mind kicking New Jersey for its hollow point insanity.

    Also, the executive has a lot of authority to mess with gun importation; we're still living with G. H. W. Bush's assault rifle import ban and its the 10 part rule which can and I believe has tripped up otherwise innocent gun owners (e.g. modifying a SKS).

    I don't know if it can mess with ammo importation, but we make so much of it (Fiocchi even opened up a plant 60 miles east of me) we could make do there, although of course prices would go up.

    Although on second thought, abuse of environmental regulations and laws could hurt us there, I'm sure there are plenty in Team Obama who would like to "crucify" ammo manufactures and there's the lead issue which has at least a tiny bit of scientific foundation. On the other hand, a big move there would be a clear sign....