Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hopefully, A Portent Of November

In the annual Congressional Shoot-Out, which is a skeet, trap, and sporting clays challenge between Republican and Democratic Congressmen, Team Republican won. This event is sponsored on an annual basis by the Congressional Sportman's Foundation.
Current CSC Co-Chair and team captain Rep. Jeff Miller (FL) joined by his co-captains, CSC Vice-Chair Rep. Bob Latta (OH) and CSC Vice-Chair Sen. James Risch of (ID) accepted the trophy on behalf of team Republican. Team Democrat was lead by current CSC Co- Chair Rep. Mike Ross (AR).

"The shoot-out is a great opportunity to highlight the issues that are important to the outdoors community, while at the same time fostering effective bipartisan collaboration on these crucial issues," said Miller. "It is a real pleasure to work with other members of the Caucus and sportsmen's community to promote conservation efforts and to preserve our critical habitat."

"With all the Democrats who competed using full chokes and one arm tied behind their backs, we expected the Republicans to at least be more competitive than they have been in recent years," said Ross. "As it turned out, our efforts to give them a fighting chance proved to be too much and they surprisingly won the "Top Gun" title this year. I fully expect a different outcome next year. For now, I congratulate my Republican colleagues who work with us in a bipartisan manner on the many important issues facing those of us who enjoy the great outdoor traditions of hunting, fishing, and sport shooting."
I hope that this is a harbinger of electoral victory in November for Team Republican.

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