Thursday, May 17, 2012


Brian Haas had a story on domestic violence yesterday in The Tennessean which is the daily newspaper for Nashville. In an overall good story about the challenges faced in combating domestic violence by both police and prosecutors, there was this paragraph.
Tennessee has a deplorable reputation for domestic violence. Since 2001, Tennessee has ranked among the Top 10 states with the highest rates of women murdered by men. The state has been included on that list every year but 2009, according to the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit Washington-based public safety research and advocacy organization. It has ranked in the Top 5 five times, including the past two years.
The Violence Policy Center is no more a public safety research organization than Sarah Brady is for concealed carry. Josh Sugarmann and Kristen Rand are gun prohibitionists pure and simple. Not only did Sugarmann coin the term "assault weapon" but has consistently advocated for the ban on all handguns. Haas did get it right when he also referred to them as an advocacy organization.

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  1. Nothing more dangerous than a idiot in action. That would be j. Sugarmann.