Saturday, May 5, 2012

Going Old School

We were out cruising around this afternoon hitting up thrift stores after our Cinco de Mayo lunch and found this at one of the area Goodwill stores for $25.

It is a Nikon Nikkormat EL-W 35mm single lens reflex. I had always wanted a Nikon SLR in my younger days but ended up going the Canon route because it was a bit cheaper. While I have now have a Canon A-1, a Canon F-1 (Lake Placid Olympics),  and a Canon EOS 7n among my assorted cameras, this is my first Nikon of any sort.

Other than the brassing on the camera body, it is in good shape. The shutter seems to work fine, all the controls work, and it just needs a new battery to see if the metering works. Fortunately the battery is a standard alkaline 6 volt camera battery and not one of the old mercury batteries.

While digital has captured the photo world, there is still something about using film that appeals to me.


  1. Yep, the only problem is actually FINDING film... Kodachrome is no more, and pretty much anything but 35mm is history too... sigh

  2. @Old NFO: I'm sad to see Kodachrome go as I used a ton of it in the past. My local Wally World had Fuji print film as well as the battery needed for the Nikkormat. If I want more pro or specialty film, I know I'll have to mail order it.