Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chris Cox On The Arms Trade Treaty

Ginny Simone of NRA News interviewed Chris Cox, head of the NRA-ILA, about the UN's Arms Trade Treaty yesterday. This interview was after Wayne LaPierre spoke to the delegates of the ATT talks and presented the NRA's position.

Chris made some good points in this interview. Perhaps the best was when he said that "our freedoms shouldn't be dumbed down to an international standard; the truth is that international standards need to be brought up to United States (levels)." Given that the ATT has countries like Iran in a leadership role I don't see this happening. That said, Chris is correct.

Another important point that Chris made was that treaties hang around forever until such time as there is a President and Senate willing to ratify it. Unlike a bill passed in one house of Congress that dies at the end of that Congressional session if the other house doesn't pass it, an international treaty hangs around like a Zombie.

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