Monday, July 16, 2012

That's A Good Question, Mitt!

Mitt Romney has been attacked recently by the Obama campaign for not releasing his 2011 tax returns. He appeared on Fox's Fox and Friends show this morning as part of his counter-attack. You can see the full interview here but this is the part that I found relevant.

Instead of asking why Romney hasn't released his tax returns, Romney said the question should be why hasn't the Obama Administration released the documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious. As one Tweet said elsewhere, Romney's tax returns never killed anyone.


  1. There's are a number of things about Obama I'd be interested in seeing released before Romney's tax returns. Maybe Romney can do a little quid pro quo?

  2. Barky should probably have asked for the tax returns of some of the gits he appointed.

  3. Um. They released 7000 pages to Issa.

    What are you talking about.

    Show the damn taxes Mitt.

    I don't see how any America loving, Apple pie eating, truck driving, barbecue eating republican could support the guy with the Cayman accounts, tax havens, and tax shelters.

    Maybe I could. Since you guys had no problem lying us into war. To support our troops as you got 5000 of them killed for nothing. While wasting 3 trillion in Iraq in a Muslim country when you can't stand Muslims.

    But won't spend a dollar on your own country.

    Teachers, firefighters, cops, public workers make too much. But Mitt Romney and guys like him who hide their money should get a bigger tax cut.

    Do you guys ever ask yourself who's side are you on.

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