Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Politician Worthy Of Parody

California Democrat State Sen. Leland Yee introduced a bill, SB 249, that would have outlawed the "bullet button". This is the device that converts a detachable magazine to a fixed magazine so that a semi-automatic firearm remains in compliance with California's assault weapons (sic) ban. Sen. Yee has since amended his bill to only prohibit conversion kits such as the "Mag Magnet".

Yee was prompted to introduce the bill after seeing a breathless report on the evil bullet button by a San Francisco TV station. California gun groups such as the CalGuns Foundation are fighting back. They have set up a website, StopSB249.org, as well as starting an ad campaign to defeat the bill.

One of the more amusing push-backs against Sen. Yee and SB 249 by CalGuns is this parody mash-up seen below. They've taken a CBS 5 report produced last week and added their own special touch to it.

Sometimes ridicule is the best way to deal with pompous politicians such as Sen. Yee.


  1. The other way is to vote him out, but he's protected by a gigantic wall of Democrat hipster "Progressive" Green stupidity in San Frandisco.

  2. It's easy to make fun of people like Leland Yee. But relying solely on the rational ignorance of our opponents is an extraordinarily weak defense — and, unfortunately, that's precisely what The Calguns Foundation has chosen to do.