Sunday, July 1, 2012

FoxNews Sunday On Fast And Furious

In a web-only roundtable discussion, Chris Wallace discusses the contempt citation for Attorney General Eric Holder with Brit Hume of Fox, Liz Marlantes of the Christian Science Monitor, Shannon Bream of Fox, and Charles Lane of the Washington Post.

Brit Hume says of Holder that "he is damaged goods" but that Obama won't ditch him before the election. Prior to saying this, Hume goes over some of the characteristics that most Attorneys General share including being above the fray, being respected by members of both parties, and being seen as non-political as much as they can be. He says that Holder doesn't share these characteristics.

Liz Marlantes of the Christian Science Monitor buys into the Fortune Magazine story. As such, I dismissed everything else she had to say.

Shannon Bream isn't much better but did make a somewhat insightful comment when she said that for those just learning of Operation Fast and Furious, this will seem political and a witch hunt. To which, Chris Wallace brought up the near mainstream media blackout on the scandal until Obama invoked executive privilege. He is correct. With the exception of CBS's Sharyl Attkisson and Fox's William LaJeunesse, the mainstream media ignored the story.

Finally, Charles Lane doesn't think the contempt citation will leave a lasting taint on Holder. I think he'll be found wrong on this.

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  1. Sorry John, I'll have to agree to disagree. Mr Lane is correct - this will have no lasting taint on Holder because, well ... Democrat (not to mention Shut Up!)!