Monday, July 2, 2012

Obama's Chief Of State Jack Lew Is Not A Good Liar

President Obama's Chief of State Jack Lew appeared on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley yesterday. After listening to his comments of Operation Fast and Furious you are left with the impression that he is grasping. Frankly, he is not a good liar. A good liar would convince you of his facts even when he knew they were false. About the only thing good about this interview for the Obama Administration is that it appeared on CNN which it seems no one watches anymore.

Lew starts out by saying that Operation Fast and Furious was a bad plan that started under the Bush Administration, that they didn't know anything about it, and that the regional office were the ones who really were at fault. He then evades Candy Crowley's question asking whether there was something that was so important in the withheld documents that the White House had to invoke executive privilege by saying the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was on a witch hunt.

Sorry, Jack, but the operation started in April 2009 and the wiretap applications indicate that high level DOJ officials were very much aware of what was going on.


  1. The reply from my communist congresswoman here in Maine is below (former "common cause" head)... I urged her to vote to hold in contempt. Same lies and recycled half-truths.. I will continue to be a thorn in her side, but dont expect any change in behavior!.. Unfortunaely, we live in lib land here in the first district of Maine, and while i will vote, there are too many leftists from out of state (from away, as we say here) and illegals that can vote (until Governor LePage, we have been a sanctuary state, and change comes slow!)...

    Dear DamDoc,

    Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns regarding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives' (ATF) Operation Fast and Furious and the House Government Oversight and Reform investigation into the operation. I appreciate hearing from you about these issues.

    Operation Fast and Furious was an operation that emerged from "Project Gunrunner," a Southwest border strategy that was established in 2006 with the goal of investigating and stemming the illegal flow of firearms and explosives to Mexican drug cartels. Tragically and inexcusably, guns involved in the operation have been linked to the murder of a Customs and Border Protection officer. Individuals responsible for failed criminal investigations like Operation Fast and Furious should be held to the highest level of accountability. To that end, you may be interested to know that Kenneth Melson, the former acting director of the ATF, was removed from his position as a result of the serious mistakes made in this investigation. In addition, Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, who oversaw the prosecutorial aspect of this investigation, resigned.

    In the course of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee's investigation into this issue, however, the Committee has strayed from the reasons for the failed operation itself into the Department of Justice's response to that failure. I don't agree with the committee's focus on the response instead of on the reasons for the failed operation. I am concerned that the instead of focusing on issues like the economy, student loan rates or other issues facing working families around the country, the House instead voted on a partisan contempt of Congress resolution on June 28, 2012.

    Like you, I strongly support government transparency and accountability, but I do not believe citing a sitting Attorney General with contempt of Congress for the first time in history is the best way to achieve it. Please rest assured that I will continue to monitor the results of Congressional investigations into Operation Fast and Furious. Thanks again for being in touch.

    Chellie Pingree
    Member of Congress

  2. Unless I lost count.... the answer is Seventeen.
    Seventeen lies in that short video.

  3. Obama's Chief Of State Jack Lew Is Not A Good Liar...hahaha You mean a good lawyer is a good liar?? Thanks for sharing XD
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