Friday, August 10, 2012

54% Of People Surveyed Don't Have A Clue

Gallup recently polled 1,014 Americans over age 18 living in the United States on their view of how good a job TSA is doing. Unbelievably, 54% of those polled think TSA is doing either an excellent or good job.

I knew there were a lot of stupid people but I never realized the numbers were that high.

It gets worse. Of those who have flown at least once in the last 12 months, 57% think they are doing a good or excellent job.

If there is anything encouraging about this poll is that less than half of all those surveyed - 41% -  believe that the screening procedures are either extremely or very effective. That said, only 13% of those surveyed don't think the TSA is "not too effective" or "not effective at all". I guess I should be happy that at least 13% of those surveyed have a grasp on reality.


  1. It's easy, those 54% don't fly or just deal with private screeners they think are the TSA.

  2. @Minuteman: I thought that too until I read further. Those who fly 1 or more times a year actually have a higher percentage of approval of TSA and the job its supposedly doing.

  3. I'm surprised the number was so low. I'm convinced that 99.9875% of the population of the planet are complete morons. :)