Saturday, August 25, 2012

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

The gun prohibitionists were figuratively jumping for joy after the shooting in NYC outside the Empire State Building. I won't even go into Mayor Bloomberg's stupid comments.

The Violence Policy Center put the cart before the horse yesterday. They made many assumptions about the handgun used by the killer of his former boss without knowing the facts.
Washington, DC--Following the fourth high-profile shooting in little over a month, this time outside the Empire State Building in New York City and reportedly involving a 45 caliber handgun, the Violence Policy Center, a national non-profit educational organization working to stop gun death and injury, issued the following statement:

“How long are we going to ignore America's gun crisis? Today’s shooting outside the Empire State building is the fourth high-profile shooting in little over a month, following the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sikh Temple shooting, and a shooting outside Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. One can only guess where the next shooting will occur--but we do know that it will occur. Today's shooter reportedly used a 45 caliber handgun to end the life of a former co-worker, offering yet another example of how the ready availability of semiautomatic handguns that can be equipped with high-capacity ammunition magazines destroy lives and make everyone less safe. All Americans deserve the right to feel safe in public spaces--in theaters, their places of worship, and walking city streets. The deadly mindset propounded by the gun industry and the gun lobby that guns are the ultimate problem solver is stripping away the feeling of safety that communities across the country not only expect, but deserve. It is long past time to regulate the out-of-control gun industry that makes these horrendous public shootings possible.”
From all reports, the Spanish-made Star .45 ACP were purchased legally in Florida 20 years ago. Moreover, even assuming it was larger than the Star PD which only held 6 rounds, this pistol does not have a "high-capacity ammunition magazine." At most, the pistol used by the killer held 8 round and more likely 7.

Normally I'd suggest that VPC think before they issue such press releases. However, in this case, I'm glad that they show their stupidity.


  1. Regardless, I am sure the stupidity displayed by some, whether intentional or not, will continue to reign supreme.

    My concern would be hopes of a wake up call to all of America, that ANYBODY having a firearm on the streets needs some training. Law enforcement departments seem to be more preoccupied with political correctness than anything else, and this incident will be typical of the results we can expect in the future if we continue on our current trends.

    I have had allot of exposure to law enforcement officers with firearms. I mean no disrespect here, but for the most part they will be the LAST people I choose to have on my side in a gun fight. The basic rule of know your target and what is beyond was broken clean off in this sad incident, and only helps to add fuel to the anti gun fires.

  2. "...My concern would be hopes of a wake up call to all of America, that ANYBODY having a firearm on the streets needs some training..."


    Training wouldn't have stopped the other three, and it won't stop the majority of murders (black gang-bangers killing each other) either.

    Yes - training is a good idea, but adding yet ANOTHER hoop to jump through is *NOT* bringing us back into line with the plain language ("...SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED[PERIOD]") of The Constitution!!

    Stop letting The Enemy drive the discussion and create the narrative!

    Training is a good idea - it will improve the odds of hitting the goblin - but it's *NOT* the business of Government!

    The Constitution does *NOT* guarantee the right to keep and operate an automobile!!