Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mass Shooting, Indeed

The following interview with NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is presented without comment because, let's face it, none is needed.


  1. That's gonna be a lawsuit or nine...

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    2. I don't know NY law on legal ads and contacts. However, I can just imagine the tons of "get well and hire me" flowers being sent to those wounded by the NYPD. Personal injury lawyers everywhere are salivating and counting their contingency fees.

  2. There won't be any lawsuits. Under the Felony Murder doctrine, the person responsible for all this is the person the cops were shooting at, not the cops themselves. Ergo, there is no basis for a lawsuit.

    Some people have wondered why we sometimes see situations where cops unleash 50 or 60 rounds at a house, endangering bystanders and anybody behind the house. The obvious reason for their lack of fire discipline is that they will not be held personally accountable for the result. Post this in any firearms forum where cops have a presence and you will receive no end of grief for "cop bashing".