Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Too Cool For An AR?

Richard Stengel, Princeton '77 and Rhodes Scholar, is too cool for an AR. He also thinks you don't need one either.

Stengel's profile picture from Time Magazine

Stengel is the Managing Editor of Time Magazine and penned a blurb for the Aug. 6th issue entitled "Talking Common Sense About Guns". In the blurb, Stengel said, “And gun owners know better than anyone else that an AR-15 has little or no sporting purpose.”

Even if one accepts - and I don't - the ATF's interpretation of the sporting purpose language of the Gun Control Act of 1968 which they use to say that 3-Gun competitions are not "sporting", AR-15s in a variety of calibers are used to hunt everything from ground squirrels to whitetail deer and everything in between. Firearm manufacturers ranging from the venerable Remington to the newer Daniel Defense are now making ARs for the hunting market.

Stengel's comment brought a swift reaction from Steve Sanetti of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Sanetti sent a letter which said, in part,
It never ceases to amaze recreational shooters and hunters when persons who wouldn’t touch a firearm on a bet presume to tell us that certain firearms “have no sporting purpose”...

People fear what they don’t know, and that’s perfectly understandable. But to presume to know what kind of equipment many millions of other law-abiding Americans use for legitimate recreational pursuits in the face of the facts is just wrong.
I don't know whether Stengel's comment comes from ignorance or willfulness but I do find him to be as arrogant and out of touch as the magazine he edits. Sorry Mr. Stengel, that is just not cool.


  1. Mr. Stengel is a wuss.

  2. He is an arrogant looking dude though. Kind of like a cross between Pee-wee Herman and a maitre d' at a bad French restaurant.