Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hickok45 On The Savage 99

Greg Hickok - Hickok45 - reviews the Savage 99 and the .300 Savage cartridge. I don't own any lever actions but I have been enamored of the Savage 99 and Savage 1899 for a long time now. It is probably because it is different from other lever guns and it is available in a number of calibers that aren't traditionally found in lever actions. The internal rotary magazine allowed the Savage 99 to use spitzer bullets. Thus, you can find the now-discontinued Savage 99 in such calibers as the .243 Winchester, the .308 Winchester, and the .22-250 Remington.

As all collectors say at one time or another - one of these days.... 


  1. Did he actually say the Savage 99 was an UGLY gun? Clueless Heathen!

  2. Okay, he corrected that mis-characterization. Now, if only Savage would start making them again....

  3. One of my first true deer rifles was a Savage 99 in 243 Winchester. Mine was accurate and hard hitting enough to take probably 10 deer and as many antelope even an elk or 2 fell to the beast.