Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dave Kopel Provides An Analysis Of 7th Circuit's Illinois Carry Decision

In an interview with Cam Edwards of NRA News, Second Amendment scholar Dave Kopel analyzes the opinion of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Moore and Shepard cases.

He makes the point that Judge Richard Posner who wrote the decision is "the furthest thing from a libertarian" and had publicly disagreed with the Supreme Court's reasoning in the Heller decision. However, Kopel said Posner was very smart and could read what the Supreme Court said (and meant) in that decision. If Posner had been a Supreme Court justice, his opinion might have been different. Since he wasn't, Kopel said Posner wasn't going to impose his own views on this case.

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  1. What does this mean for the rest of the country? Here in California "open carry" was just banned in spite of the fact that no one engaging in open carry has ever committed any sort of crime.