Monday, December 17, 2012

Ham Radio Communications Cheat Sheet

I came across this infographic on Pinterest this morning. It was developed by the folks at and gives the new amateur radio operator something of a cheat sheet.

I found it very useful as I have my Technician Class amateur radio license. While I really haven't really pursued it that much, I got the license and radio so as to be prepared. While a Katrina or Sandy is unlikely in western North Carolina, we do lose power, we do have flood situations, we do get the remnants of hurricanes, and sometimes we do get blizzards. It is nice to have some means of communication in those situations beyond smoke signals and semaphore flags.


  1. Upgrade to General class as fast as you can to get the best use of expanded comms.

    Antenna study and homebrew is cheap and easy and can make all the difference. I have my home outfitted, but have also made my truck ready. I don't put on all the antennas on the truck unless I need to. But I can in about 10 minutes.

    Need 3 Indians Xtremely Quick. 73

  2. I need to get back to studying for my General class license. I participated in the Skywarn appreciation day on 12/1. It was my first experience with an HF radio. I'm hooked now. I had my eye on a new HF rig, but I guess a new rifle has moved to the top of my priority list.