Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quote Of The Day

In a post entitled "Make this their last stand", Joe Huffman discusses the battle we are in for our gun rights post-Newtown. Echoing a sentiment that Sebastian made, Joes says we need to make this battle the last stand of the gun prohibitionists.

He concludes:
Take no prisoners in this battle against the enemies of freedom. Neither accept nor offer a compromise that gives up anything. It is their time to compromise. It is their time to minimize the damage. It is their time to face political extinction.
To put this in historical terms, this could be the Battle of the Bulge all over again. That started as a fierce attack with 30 Wehrmacht and SS divisions hitting a weak spot in the Allied lines. The first few days saw great US losses and the Allied position was very tenuous. However, as time passed, the Germans overextended themselves and began to be pushed back. In a little more than a month from the start, the German Army units were crushed and pushed back into Germany. The surrender of the Third Reich came less than six months after the attack began.

If we do our part, this will be the gun prohibitionists' Battle of the Bulge.

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