Sunday, December 9, 2012

Going Bob Costas One Better

Josh Byrnes, General Manager of the San Diego Padres, is trying to outshine Bob Costas when it comes to making stupid comments about firearms. He is now blaming firearms for the cut that one of pitcher Andrew Cashner suffered to his pitching hand while dressing out a deer with a friend. The cut will keep Cashner out of the lineup for up to six months.
"As a GM, I am concerned,'' Byrnes said. "You're dealing with young guys, and obviously, we can control things on the job, but away from it, we hope they make the right decisions.

"I don't know if athletes are predisposed to guns or not, but it's certainly something that concerns you."

Cashner suffered a lacerated tendon in his right thumb in a hunting accident last week, and underwent surgery Tuesday. He won't be able to pitch until May or June, Byrnes said.

Cashner, an avid hunter, was accidentally stabbed in the hand by a friend while the pair were dressing meat, trimming the carcass.

The injury may have been the direct result of a knife wound, but realistically, Byrnes said, it was caused because of a hunting trip with guns.
Oh, please!

Has Byrnes never heard of bow hunting?

Or even cutting your hand with a kitchen knife? I doubt that there is anyone of us who hasn't done that one time or another.

Accident happen. To blame firearms for the cut on Cashner's hand is just plain hoplophobic stupidity.

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  1. Gawd, I was this close >< (no gap whatsoever) to losing the use of my left thumb by cutting the tendon in a laptop accident, removing an antitheft device with an xacto knife. No guns involved. I guess if I'd had to shoot the laptop to subdue it, I'd've been doomed.