Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wise Words

Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, had this advice in his ISRA Thursday Bulletin. I consider them to be very wise words from someone who has been fighting in the trenches for gun rights for a long time.
As you are aware gun owners have been taking a pounding from the anti-gunners and their allies- the main stream media. Those two groups have declared war on gun owners and we will be maligned, degraded, demonized, and bullied in an effort to turn one group of gun owners against another. Don’t fall for it. I am a strong believer in the Farmer Doctrine.

The Farmer Doctrine was adopted at the first Gun Rights Policy Conference in 1985. The Farmer Doctrine is patterned after the NATO Doctrine. The Farmer Doctrine is as follows: Be it resolved that an attack one group of guns and gun owners shall be considered an attack on all guns and gun owners. Therefore we should all rise to the defense of each other.


  1. If only the FUDDs had the "leave nobody behind" attitude...

    1. I would agree. Whether it is shooting or the blood sports, we need to stick together. By blood sports, I mean hunting AND fishing. Years ago I watched the fox hunters in England get sacrificed while too many other outdoorsmen stood by and did nothing. It made an impression on me.

    2. The Fudds had better be careful about alienating the larger community of shooters; I know I wouldn't be thinking charitable thoughts towards hunters if I hadn't been brought up in a hunting family that's totally hard line on gun control, plus hunters around here in this Reddest of Red State America just tend to be that way.

  2. again i agree, while there are aspects of the shooting sports, and gun hobbies i'm less interested in they are still part of a whole the anti-gun types wish to destroy, and we must all hang together, or they will hang us separately.

  3. john,
    living here in vermont, enjoying its freedom under article 16 of my state's constitution, which includes self defense as a specific reason for an individual citizen's right to keep and bear arms, i look over the border to massachusetts, only 7 miles away, and wonder how they gave away their same right. what happened to the descendants of the minutemen of concord and lexington?