Friday, December 28, 2012

Possum Drop Will Continue In Brasstown

New Year's Eve is almost upon us and Clay Logan has said that the annual New Year's Eve Possum Drop in Brasstown, NC is a go. However, thanks to PETA and a foolish administrative law judge it will be a modified possum drop. 

From the Asheville Citizen-Times:
Logan said Monday that he’s considering using a stuffed opossum or possibly a road-kill opossum.

“It ain’t going to deter us from having the event,” said Logan. He expects the party to draw about 3,000 people to his store in Brasstown, about two hours west of Asheville.
There’s plenty more to see than just the ’possum drop, added Logan. There will be music by a country and bluegrass band, a tribute to the men and women who serve in the military and a ceremonial firing of muzzleloaders by the Brasstown Brigade.
Frankly, I hope they use a road-kill opossum for the event and then send it to Judge Fred Morrison as a memento of his ruling. 

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