Monday, June 20, 2016

Cert Denied For Challenge To Connecticut's AWB

The Supreme Court denied certiorari in Shew v. Malloy. This is the case that challenged the state of Connecticut's assault weapon (sic) ban.

This lets stand the ban imposed after the Newtown shooting.

I am in a location without Internet access so I am making this brief and without links.

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UPDATE: The order list listing the denial of cert is here. I think Luke below and Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned are correct in that this is about the best we could hope for with a 4-4 divided court. By not accepting the case, the justices have limited the impact to only the 2nd Circuit with consists of New York, Connecticut, and Vermont.


  1. I think I'm good with this, for now. With a 4-4 SCOTUS right now, I'd rather have them leave this for another time, instead of making a potentially dangerous ruling.

    1. In this case, I think you are correct. By denying cert, the SCOTUS has limited the impact of AWB to only NY, CT, and VT. Vermont, of course, doesn't have an AWB.

  2. They also denied cert on the NY ban too. And yes, probably the best we could hope for under the circumstances...