Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Hobbyist Exemption?

I just learned of an exemption to the NICS check when purchasing a firearm from a FFL. This is over and above the exemption for those that have CCWs from states where it is recognized as a substitute background check.

It is called the "hobbyist" exemption and I learned about it from a Demanding Mommy from Texas with whom I have been going back and forth with on Twitter.
This was in response to a tweet that noted a background check is required when purchasing a firearm from a Federal firearms licensee. "Tricia" said earlier you could buy an AR-15 without a background check in Texas because the state didn't require it.

This shows just how little our opponents know about Federal firearms law and what is required.


  1. Well, in replies she's really thinking of the "gun show not-loophole" and the "armslist not-loophole"; private sales.

    I believe she was reading "FFL" as "for the BUYER"; and it's true, if you're not in teh business of buying and selling guns, you don't need an FFL (and in fact the BATFE won't give you one anymore).

  2. Maybe she's thinking of a Collector of Curios and Relics license?

  3. I bet if you bought one of those old style black powder AR-15s, you wouldn't have to pass a background check.

  4. Any gun made before 1898 is not considered a firearm by ATF and does not need a background check.