Friday, June 17, 2016

Julie Nails It

Libertarian comedienne Julie Borowski with her squeaky little voice and innocent, confused looks nails it in this video. This is especially true given the statement from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) that "due process is what's killing us right now".

Due process is and will remain important so long as we as a country remain faithful to the Constitution. Once due process goes we might just as well have just remained colonies under the British Crown.


  1. She makes good points, but she didn't quite get this part right:
    ... people on the No-Fly list have been accused of terrorism, but they haven't gone to trial or been convicted of anything. [emphasis heard in original]

    No, people on the "No-Fly List" and the much-larger "terror watch list" have not been accused of anything. They are merely suspected of having terrorist ties -- in the case of the "No-Fly List", the fedgov may have some evidence to support their suspicions, but they are still just suspicions.

    I don't remember who pointed it out, but having a list of people deemed "too dangerous" be allowed on a plane, but still "not dangerous enough" to investigate and either clear or arrest, is in itself pretty damned asinine. And probably unconstitutional.

  2. Archer is correct, but in general, she DOES nail it! :-)

  3. Archer is correct, but in general, she DOES nail it! :-)

  4. How about when they rounded up people of Japanese ancestry on the West coast and shipped them to internment camps where their only crime was their heritage?

    When we dispose of due process all sorts of nasty stuff happens and it can come back to bite everyone.

    Say you are a Leftist and you rejoice that gun people have their rights taken away. Imagine a few years later and a new tyrant comes to town and all the homosexuals and atheists are rounded up and put in camps. Pick whatever group you belong to and imagine them being abused by the government without charges or recourse.

    Use your brains people, the government will never relinquish any power and will often abuse what power it has, so stop giving them any power.