Thursday, June 9, 2016


Two days after Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination for President, I got an ad in my email from Sportsman's Guide advertising ammo boxes and gun vaults.

Now most of these are simple ammo cans or fabric gun cases. However, there is the Military Surplus 58-Gallon Waterproof Molded Barrel, the 47" Mono Vault, and the Mono Vault 107S. These can be used for burying or caching firearms and ammunition.

The ad copy for the Mono Vault above says, in part:
Give your gun a proper burial! Hard-line protective Mono Vault!

Of course we're not suggesting "laying your gun to rest"! Too much good shooting left to do. But these Mono Vaults are rugged, completely sealed capsules that could be literally buried.
The smaller MonoVault 107S pictured above is explicitly being sold as a container to bury firearms and other valuables. Sportsman's Guide even makes a point of assuring you that it is non-metallic so that metal detectors can't sniff it out.
MonoVaultTM 107S: think of it as a safety deposit box for your backyard.

Determined thieves can crack a wall safe in no time flat. That's why the best safeguard is the one he never knows is there. That's where the MonoVault comes into play. The MonoVault is an air and water-tight chamber designed to be buried on your property.

It's large enough to hold important papers, photos and even many semi-auto handguns (including 5" barrel 1911-style pistols). A gamma-sealed, threaded lid closes it up tight, and a secondary lift-off burial shield adds a second layer of protection. "Buried treasures" stay safe and completely undetectable until you go to retrieve them.
Now it may just be coincidental that the Sportsman's Guide sent out an advertisement with containers for burying firearms two days after Hillary clinched the nomination. However, given her rabid anti-gun platform and recent statements, I'm not so sure. I'll let you make the call.

Not that I'm advocating armed revolt but there is a lot of truth in the saying "if it is time to bury your firearms, then it is time to use them." However, if you insist on burying them, might I suggest a good local business like my friend Tim's The Old Grouch Military Surplus  instead of a large mail-order company owned by the French.


  1. Coinkidink? I think not... sigh

  2. ... and from Sportsman's Guide, famous for their prison-rape pricing of magazines.