Monday, June 13, 2016

Tweet Of The Day

I don't know Ann aka Grasshoppah but I think her tweet hits the nail on the head. What does it say about those in power and those who are seeking power, i.e. Hillary, that they would let one Islamofascist's actions be their reason (or excuse) for suppressing our God-given rights? What does it say about us as a country if we let them?


  1. That's pretty much it, right there!!!

  2. In Paris, their rights had already been stripped away....

  3. John Dough beat me to it. In all honesty, Parisians have very few rights left to go after.

    Still, it does say something about the people who propose unAmerican bills in response to terror attacks. When they see other countries who have given up their liberties for security continue to get attacked (thus proving their "security" is an illusion), they demand we give up OUR liberties and double-down on the illusion.

    We're told, "They hate us for our freedoms; we should give up our freedoms so they won't hate us."

    No, they hate us because we are not them. If we give up our freedoms, we will still not be them, and so they will still hate us. It really is that simple.

    Therefore, I refuse to give up my freedoms to appease those who will hate us regardless.

    (Besides which, the "us vs. them" comparison works both when we're talking about radical Islamists vs. Americans AND when we're talking about American Leftists vs. American Patriots -- the Leftists hate us for our freedoms, too. I refuse to give up my freedoms for the sake of the Leftists just as strongly as I do for the Islamists.)

  4. Well, we're still able to own semi-auto carbines (AR, AK, SIG 55x...) here in France, after we go through an NFA-like process.

    But hey, the bodies from the Bataclan were barely cold that the European Commission was pushing for a sweeping ban (attack on Friday 11/13, gun control proposal from EUC on Saturday 11/15).

    We're still trying to fend off this attack on our meager rights, but most governments across the EU are obviously anti-freedom.