Friday, June 3, 2016

For North Carolina Voters

Early voting in the Congressional primary and the election of a State Supreme Court Associate Justice has started. The election itself will be this coming Tuesday, June 7th.

I voted this morning at the Buncombe County Board of Elections. There were only two people ahead of me to vote. I think the turnout for this election and primary will be very sparse.

Recognizing the low turnout and that it is important to elect pro-gun justices to the NC Supreme Court, Grass Roots North Carolina - Political Victory Fund issued a strong recommendation for Associate Justice Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds. There are cases working their way up through the North Carolina judicial system that will impact gun owners. From what I can tell, permits and zoning for new shooting ranges are at the forefront of these cases.

I do know that Haywood County passed a range ordinance that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to establish a new range in the county. They imposed rules that their own sheriff's department could not meet for their shooting range. I don't know if a suit is in the works but I wouldn't be surprised. Thus, keeping Justice Edmunds on the court is essential.


Whether or not your district has a special primary race for the U.S. House, it is critical that you get to the polls and vote for the GRNC-PVF recommended candidate, BOB EDMUNDS, for NC Supreme Court in this court-ordered special election.


Because voter turnout will likely be low, your vote counts more than ever.

NC Supreme Court Special Primary: Even if you don’t have a congressional primary or don’t intend to vote the congressional primary in your district, you must still vote in a court-ordered “special primary” in order to keep conservative control of the NC Supreme Court. In this race, GRNC-PVF strongly recommends you vote for Bob Edmunds.

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Voting instructions: Primary election One Stop Early Voting begins on May 26 and ends on June 4 at 1:00 PM. Absentee ballots must be received by your county board of elections by 5:00 PM on June 7. Primary voting day is June 7 between 6:30 AM and 7:30 PM. Click here to find your polling place on election day, or click here to find your One Stop Early Voting place.

Important changes to voting laws: Due to ongoing litigation, same-day registration will still be permitted during One Stop Early Voting. As in previous years, unaffiliated voters may vote in either Republican or Democrat primaries. Unlike previous years, straight party voting will not be permitted, so GRNC strongly suggests you investigate individual candidates. For the first time, identification is required to vote, so click here to find identification requirements.

NC SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE: GRNC-PVF strongly recommends incumbent conservative ROBERT H. (BOB) EDMUNDS.

This ad supporting Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds for NC Supreme Court was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Ad not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. 

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