Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best Comment on RightHaven LLC

The Las Vegas Sun had a story today saying two more defendants reached confidential settlements with Steve Gibson and Righthaven LLC.

Jack Wooden of Columbus, Indiana who runs an outdoor site called and Pennwell Corporation, an Oklahoma company which runs an energy information website,, are reported to have settled their lawsuits with RightHaven LLC.

"BobbyG" in the comments section wins the comment of the day award with this:
Get me re-write:

"Righthaven LLC, the company suing website owners over copyrights to Las Vegas Review-Journal stories, has coerced confidential extortion agreements with two more defendants."


  1. They are apparently going after Democratic Underground for excerpts posted in the user comments.

    Here is the TechDirt article on how they are stretching the limits of Copyright.

  2. So that explains why I was getting a number of hits from DU.