Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now This IS Copyright Violation

Unlike the bloggers who may have inadvertantly gone beyond fair use and are being sued by RightHaven LLC, a video released by the Violence Policy Center after the Manchester, CT shootings last week is probably a good case for copyright violation. It is a mashup of news footage and Ruger advertising materials including video of Gunsite's Ed Head talking about the SR9c. Ruger claims copyright to their materials on their website.

In true VPC style, they confuse the Handgun of the Year Ruger SR9c (compact) with the full-size SR9 that was used by the killer. So far only 350 people have viewed their propaganda piece. Judging by the comments, I'd wager a good number of them are pro-gun folks.

H/T Jim Shepherd's OutdoorWire


  1. Well, it might fall under fair use. It's right on the edge.

    On the outrage note, stop blaming the tool, start blaming the user.

  2. I wonder if the VPC would stoop low enough to do the similar ad if guy was driving a school bus thru a crowd of people