Friday, August 6, 2010

Second Amendment Sisters Are Most Recent RightHaven LLC Target

According to a story in the Las Vegas Sun, five more website owners were sued by RightHaven LLC including the Second Amendment Sisters. This brings to 100 the number of bloggers and websites sued by RightHaven LLC.

The Second Amendment Sisters describe their mission as:
We are a grassroots national organization with representation in all 50 states. Second Amendment Sisters, also known as SAS, was formed in response to the Million Mom March. It was our founders’ belief that the Million Moms should not and would not represent all American Women.

Founded by 5 women from across the country, SAS has now grown to thousands of members across our Great Nation. We have taken on many functions. We teach and advocate for women to have the right to life - that is, we work to protect our basic human right to self-defense. Our members span the ages from the very young to the mature.
With regard to the lawsuits the Sun reports that,
Court records indicate 18 of the suits have been settled under generally undisclosed terms -- and that more settlements are in the works.

In many of the cases, "mom and pop"-type website owners and bloggers are defending themselves, finding it cheaper to settle than to hire an attorney to litigate the cases.
However, not all defendants are rolling over. A Canadian website,, is fighting back as is the Nevada Democratic Party. In their story on this lawsuit, the Las Vegas Sun notes that the Democrats have brought in a heavy hitter Washington, DC law firm Perkins Coie LLP. Attorney Marc Elias is one of the attorneys representing the Nevada Democrats. He served as general counsel to the Kerry-Edwards presidential campaign in 2004.

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