Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's All Marko's Fault

I am a loyal reader of Marko Kloos's blog, The Munchkin Wrangler. His posts on fountain pens for writing caused me to again start using them. He also pointed readers towards a forum called The Fountain Pen Network which has reviews of pens and ink along with a very good classified section.

If it weren't for Marko, I wouldn't have seen this pen and given it more than 30 seconds of thought. I mean, does anyone really need a $125 Pelikan fountain pen highlighter when you can get a Bic one for 99 cents? That could buy a heck of a lot of ammo!

PS: I'm not buying the pen but I think it is really cool. If you want it with a 15% discount, use the code FPN and go here.


  1. That model in transparent blue, with an extra-fine nib, is my every-day novel-writing pen.

    Now I want to order the yellow version with the highlighter ink to have a dedicated editing pen. Thanks a lot.