Monday, August 9, 2010

New Joyce Foundation Anti-GunRights Grants

The Joyce Foundation announced $1,623,401 in grants to anti-gun rights organizations for their summer grant cycle. This is in addition to $484,044 in grants made in the Spring cycle.

The Summer recipients of grants are:
Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund
Philadelphia, PA
To support the engagement of Pennsylvania citizens at the grassroots level in forty targeted municipalities.
$50,000.00 - 4 months

Legal Community Against Violence
San Francisco, CA
To support its state legislative tracking project.
$33,000.00 - 4 months

Media Matters for America
Washington, DC
To support a gun and public safety issue initiative.
$400,000.00 - 24 months

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
To build support for gun violence prevention policy in Ohio.
$55,000.00 - 6 months

Police Executive Research Forum
Washington, DC
To support a national study of gun enforcement practices among state and local law enforcement agencies.
$70,401.00 - 12 months

President and Fellows of Harvard College
To conduct and promote firearms research, disseminate research findings, provide technical assistance to advocates, police and others, and to conduct the 'Means Matter' campaign.
$600,000.00 - 12 months

States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Chicago, IL
To provide organizational development support and web/tech training and support to strengthen state gun violence prevention organizations.
$100,000.00 - 6 months

WAVE Educational Fund
To support the Wisconsin Gun Violence Prevention Project.
$315,000.00 - 12 months
The Spring recipients include:
American College of Preventive Medicine
Washington, DC
To continue its comprehensive education and advocacy campaign aimed at strengthening support for the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) program.
$204,094.00 - 12 months

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
To support national and state coalition building and state-based policy development, education, and advocacy in ongoing campaigns to end gun violence.
$125,000 - 12 months

Research Foundation of City University of New York
New York, NY
To fund the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to develop in-depth and well-researched journalism on issues related to gun violence.
$79,950.00 - 12 months

The Center for Public Integrity
Washington, DC
To fund a series of investigative reports on the gun industry lobby in America.
$75,000.00 - 12 months
Two things stand out to me in this list of grants. First, the Joyce Foundation is trying to influence journalism in the same manner that they have tried to influence legal studies. That is, by giving grants to sympathetic non-profits and journalists, they hope to have a slew of "gun violence" stories dumped upon a somewhat lazy and sympathetic press. The Joyce Foundation is spending over a half million dollars to do this.

Second,  they are spending even more money - $800,000 - to influence the collection and reporting of medical data through their grants to the Harvard School of Public Health and the American College of Preventive Medicine. I think their feeling is that since Congress has clamped down on misleading epidemiological "research" coming out of the Centers for Disease Control, then they will just go another route. The medical profession is still one of the most respected in America. People listen to their doctors. I think Joyce is trying to tailor the information that is provided to the nation's primary care physicians so as to promote their gun control efforts.

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  1. Petition to regulate semi-automatic guns

    Almost none of the many proposals being talked about by the President, Congress, or the NRA would have prevented or reduced our recent mass shootings or the 8,000 plus gun homicides every year.

    The only gun related petitions on the White House web site are of the “keep your hands off my guns” variety. If you feel that the numbers of guns that can fire high volumes of bullets in seconds and are easily available to everyone are a problem:

    1. Go to and vote in favor of the petition asking that semi-automatic guns be regulated in the same way that machine guns are regulated.

    2. Forward this e-mail to your friends so they can vote for it

    This petition will not be seen by the public until 150 individuals have voted for it. If 150 individuals vote in favor, the general public will be able to see and vote for the petition.

    The average soldier in World War I did not carry a semi-automatic rifle.
    The average German, Japanese, Russian, British or French soldier in World War II did not carry a semi-automatic rifle. Korea was fought on all sides without detachable magazine rifles.
    Most of the guns used in the last 68 massacres and last year’s 8,000+ homicides were semi-automatic guns.

    A machine gun fires, reloads, and fires again as long as the trigger is held down.

    In response to seven deaths in the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, Congress regulated machine guns. As a result, machine gun homicides are almost unheard of today.

    A semi-automatic gun fires, reloads, and fires again as fast as the trigger can be pulled.
    Semi-automatic guns are the weapons that make it possible to have mass shootings, such as the elementary school in CT, the movie theater in CO, and drive-by shootings into homes and crowds from moving automobiles.

    In response to 12 deaths in a CO movie theater, Congress did nothing.
    In response to 26 deaths in a CT elementary school, Congress did nothing.
    In response to 8,000+ firearm homicides last year, Congress did nothing.
    As a result, we can expect 8,000+ more gun homicides this year, plus a massacre at a college, a high school, an elementary school, a preschool or a school bus.

    This petition requests that the government regulate semi-automatic firearms in the same manner and for the same reasons that machine guns were regulated.