Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Comparison of Effectiveness of Flash Hiders for the AR-15

The Vuurwapen Blog did a comparison of a number of flash hiders and muzzle breaks to see how they really did in the dark. They compared the Primary Weapon Systems TTO, the AAC Blackout 18T, the Smith Vortex, the Battle Comp 1.0, and your basic A2 bird cage flash hider. They filmed the AR-15 from three different perspectives: the shooter's perspective, 25 yards downrange, and at right angles to the muzzle from three feet. After watching the video, all I can say is that money doesn't buy you flash suppression.

Here are the flash hiders and muzzle breaks tested along with their retail price:

A2 Flash Hider - $6 from Del-Ton
Smith Vortex - $51 from Smith Enterprises

AAC Blackout 18T Flash Hider - $99 from Advanced Armament

Primary Weapon Systems TTO - $99.95 from PWS

Battle Comp 1.0 - $149 from Battle Comp

UPDATE: Corrected picture for AAC Blackout 18T Flash Hider. Thanks to Gun Monkey for catching that.


  1. The Pic you show is the blackout brake, not the blackout flash hider. I don't think the brake makes the distinctive ringing noise that the flash hider does. And I know I heard the ringing noise on the video.

  2. You are correct. I heard the tuning fork noise as well. I've updated the pics.

  3. I just built an AR with the new Brakeout (Both Brake and Flash hider combined) I'll let you know when I get a video of it if you want.

  4. @ Gun Monkey: Absolutely would love to see the video when you have it.

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