Friday, April 8, 2011

HB 650 - Amends North Carolina Gun Laws

Grass Roots NC just sent out their unqualified endorsement of HB 650.
HB 650
A new bill has been introduced in the NC House which will improve a number of minor points in NC firearms law. HB 650, "Amend Various Gun Laws," is being sponsored by Representatives Mark Hilton, Stephen A. LaRoque, George G. Cleveland, Kelly E. Hastings and Glen Bradley.

GRNC stands in full support of HB 650.

Among the important points about HB 650 are:
* It will reduce penalties for carry by permit-holders and certain others on educational property
* Keeps firearms from being confiscated from gun owners who may not have had a day in court before being placed under restraining orders
* Allows firearms to be kept in locked vehicles at parades (where they are currently prohibited altogether)
* Permits firearms to be carried during states of emergency
* Allows firearms in municipal parks
* Removes provisions under which sheriffs have asked for private medical information from concealed handgun applicants
* Increases the number of people who qualify for concealed handgun permits
* Changes concealed handgun reciprocity to full recognition of out-of-state permits
* Removes provisions under which municipalities can prohibit open carry
HB 650 has 23 different sections to it. Sean at An NC Gun Blog has posts and analysis on the first seven parts. I should have more up later tonight or tomorrow with my impressions. Below are links to Sean's posts.

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