Wednesday, April 6, 2011

JayG Reviews The S&W Model 360PD

Jay G of MArooned just did a guest article for on the Smith and Wesson Model 360PD. This is a .357 Magnum snubbie with a fireball to prove it.

Or as Jay G calls it, "the Snubbie from Hell™.."
The recoil of a .357 Magnum round through a 12 ounce handgun has been described as anywhere from “stout” to “punishing” to “oh my word what have I done to my wrist”. This author has, on more than one occasion, offered the 360PD to accomplished shooters who are curious to see what a 12 ounce .357 Magnum revolver feels like to shoot – and gotten the snubbie back after only two rounds.
However, as Jay G concludes when it comes to concealed carry, "life is about tradeoffs."

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