Friday, April 22, 2011

"It Was Disturbing"

"It was disturbing" was one of the comments regarding a group of Open Carry proponents in Pasadena protesting attempts to ban open carry in California.

A Brady Campaign spokeswoman agreed.
"I believe the open carry movement is very intimidating," said Suzanne Verge of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "I think as a citizen I should be able to go along Colorado Boulevard and shop where I want to shop and not have to worry about running into somebody with a loaded weapon."

Substitute "Negro" for "loaded weapon" and I'm sure that either of those comments could have been also said by certain white people in Birmingham about seeing Rosa Parks sitting in the front - as opposed to the back - of the bus.

One of the major reasons Judge Irma Gonzalez gave for dismissing the challenge to California's requirement to show good cause for a concealed carry permit was that California allowed unloaded open carry along with loaded open carry in certain rural areas. Because the state did provide that alternative, the good cause requirement passed constitutional muster.

You have to wonder which the gun prohibitionists fear most: unloaded open carry or shall issue concealed carry.

H/T Brandon Combs


  1. If they're dumb enough, if somehow OC is banned, that case becomes legitimate again...

  2. Gotta be unloaded open carry. Seeing as how criminals aren't psychic or have x-ray vision and have to assume all guns are a deadly threat if they don't kill the carriers in a split second... UOC can deter criminals for free as long as the carriers stay out of victim disarmament school zones. Hopefully the U will soon change to an L and the criminal safety/massacre zones will be eliminated.

    Shall issue concealed carry is cost-prohibitive for law-abiders, running in the hundreds of dollars, or millions if you also count the civil suits required to get to SI. And criminals sti

  3. Crap... And criminals still don't have x-ray vision or psychic powers, so they are more likely to think they are totally safe.