Sunday, April 3, 2011

"So Long As It Was Concealed And It Wasn't Loaded"

WRAL-TV sent reporter Beau Minnick to get "man in the street" perspectives on HB 111 which passed the North Carolina House this past week.

One man said he didn't object to firearms in parks so  "long as it was concealed and it wasn't loaded". I think someone doesn't quite get the concept behind concealed carry and personal protection.

Based on the other comments - especially the ones from patrons in a sports bar - I think the detail about carrying concealed and not consuming alcohol was conveniently left out of the conversation. Nothing in HB 111 allows a person to carry concealed and consume alcohol. That is still illegal under North Carolina law as it should be.

I must wonder how much footage was left on the editing room floor from this exercise in broadcast journalism.


  1. Just an FYI.. Carrying in PA, openly or concealed, has no law against drinking in a bar. I can find no statistical analysis that shows more shooting occur in bars in PA then other states. So I would take issue with your statement that says "as it should be"! Not to be argumentative, but to let you know that even John Lott can't prove it. I will admit it could impact a DA or a jury as to charges if used, but I can't even find those stats.

  2. @Dannytheman: I'm certainly no Carrie Nation but don't think you should mix drinking with carrying. If I am carrying, I just don't want to be impaired.

  3. John, hard for me to answer, as I do not drink at all. All I know is there is no hard evidence that shows that States, like mine, have more or less gun shootings than any other State that does not allow bar carry.
    But I have friends that drink, and they are fine. They don't get wild drunk and usually have 2 beers with dinner. No where in the 2nd amendment does it say "Shall not infringe, except when drinking a beer.!"

  4. Generally speaking if an individual is a permit holder they have some degree of training and understand the importance of responsible carry.

    With that said, there will always be idiots. "Cant fix stupid" comes to mind, but quite frankly at some point legislatures have to step back and let people live their lives.

    Video seems pretty biased to me, very heavy on the "oh no gunslingers in the streets getting wasted, running around with arsenals on their hips!"